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Umbrella Insurance in Virginia

The state of Virginia has no requirement compelling its residents to purchase umbrella insurance. However, it is a personal choice that many people make because of the protection it can provide. This is because your umbrella insurance will provide you with coverage that kicks in when the limits of your required insurance liabilities have been exceeded. This can prove useful in many situations like car accidents where damage costs can quickly escalate and in cases where lawsuits have been filed.

Types of Umbrella Insurance

Virginia Beach, VA residents can purchase umbrella insurance to supplement their homeowners, boaters, renters, and automobile insurances. Also, umbrella policies are written to include a broader set of circumstances that are not covered under your typical liability insurance, and it may protect against things like slander, libel, and false arrest. Even in cases where the ruling is in your favor, your umbrella insurance policy may pick up the legal fees incurred.

Commercial Umbrella Insurances

When you go into business, there are certain insurances you will be required to buy, such as workers comp and commercial vehicle insurance. You can buy umbrella policies to supplement these plans, and you can buy a policy to add to your malpractice insurance, although Virginia is not a state that requires insurance for malpractice. Umbrella insurance is available for renters to offer extra protection, and landlords can purchase policies to cover them in the case of theft, damage to property, injury, or a lawsuit. Landlord insurance is not required in Virginia, and neither is renters, though your landlord can require you to purchase a policy.

Armor Insurance Group Provides Umbrella Insurance

Let Armor Insurance Group help you get the right umbrella insurance coverage for your home, vehicle, boat, or business. We offer a handy tool on our website that you can use to find a quote on homeowners and automobile insurance. For all other insurance types, feel free to stop by our Virginia Beach, VA location, or give us a call, and we will find the right insurance package for you.

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